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Quite a rusty VP.

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Quite a rusty VP.

Post  Andy Perman on Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:13 pm

This one is local to me, I've never seen what car it was before as it was always under a cover, but I caught a glimpse of the VP hubcap peeking out so knocked the door. Guy let me take a few pictures, he was planning to restore it but has not got far.  It is in quite poor condition, lot's of lovely rust in all the usual places. Rear suspension mountings have failed, in fact all the suspension is down on the bump rubbers.  What do you think?  Challenging project Shocked

Rear suspension collaped here Sad

Heck of a challenge I thought. Will need both front wings, maybe inner's too, front panel inner & outer, rear wheel arches & wheel tubs. Both cills, outer & N/S inner repairs. Investigate rear suspension problems. Engine does not run, although he said it did when it was parked up a few years back. Brakes seem OK but would need full overhaul. Interior is shot, both front seats ripped/torn. Carpet rotten and it's shipping water into footwells. Didn't ask about selling it - last thing I need is another project, the missus would divorce me I think Very Happy

Just thought I'd share Wink  Andy.

Andy Perman

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Re: Quite a rusty VP.

Post  Sweeney on Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:59 pm

...a bit of work up your shirt with that one! ...does it have a vinyl roof by any chance? 

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