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RAC to the rescue ops

Post  Guest on Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:22 am

Having only purchased it on Monday and I have tinkered away with stuff to keep it ticking over nice.. I was driving away from the tip when I though a decent run is needed for the car being that is has only done 40 miles in 4 years ( basicly to and from the MOT stations ) so off we went.. it was perfect sat there at 55mph no issues got the whole salers to buy all the parts I needed for a service.. started up and off we went. Thought pop in to Mac Donalds for a Cupa and a milkshake for my lad.. she just would not start!!

defo no spark... called the RAC as had no tools.. we had a laugh he was really nice.. and between us we got her going again in under 10 mins.

points closed up.. I had new ones at my Dads place ( in his chest of New Old Stock Lucas ) stuff which was on my route home anyway.. so we ended up cleaning up the old ones and a squirt of WD40 and she fired right up.. but she is playing up again.. runs on 3 then 4 then 3 then 4..

so have now got new cap, condenser, plugs, rotor arm, oil and filter ( most of them the others are still in the mail but coming my way ) a sad start to the Allegro ownership but other wise my little test run was ok..

I popped in £15 of Fresh fuel in there.. as I thought that might be the issue as well..going to clean out the carb bowl in case of any crap in there as it's changing from 3- 4 etc etc.. Also going to add on an inline fuel filter as it's needed I least then you can see the rubbish and also a flow of fuel..


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