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Front valance

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Front valance

Post  Guest on Sun Mar 20, 2011 1:01 am

Just sorting out the front valance..

boy what a rust spot and trap..

I have made new sections and grafting them in the car now.. it's coming along nice but it just shows you the build quality is quite poor when your making the new sections.. I have decided to hide some small tacks to join the wing and valance edges so you can't see them.. when drivign along them moving and rubbing against each other is why they would wear the paint off and then start to rust..

I was going to make all that area smooth but I am going to put on a light coat of stone chip on there to protect the valance area for future.. not quite factory but some modern improvement is needed to keep them going for another 35 years.

it's been all go on the Estate project..

New oil and filter and I sorted out the tick over.. I found a plug was not really doing alot.. I took them out and one was just not performing like the others.. so I swapped it with another one that was working well and instantly the car ran so much smoother!! so new plugs on Monday.. all other eletrical parts have been replaced and started on the button every time I wish my Porsche started as well Rolling Eyes and drives much nicer..

Will post up some photo's going to repaint all the valance while I have it in bits..


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