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My two old troublemakers

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My two old troublemakers Empty My two old troublemakers

Post  AllegroMk2 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:12 am

Hi, My name is Stuart, I've driven allegros for a very long time, my current 2 Ive had for 14 years, although Ive owned 4 in total.

they are both 1275s and about the same age, Bluebell registered new years day 1977, Lennie April the 7th 1977.

Lennie has been having a break for quite a while, but I hope to get him on the road again this year.

My two old troublemakers Landb

Lennie did have 14 inch Hyundai coupe wheels on (as he has in the photo) but they destroy wheel bearings due to the extra width, though the offset was pretty much correct as it is coming from a front wheel drive car. I'm putting him back to standard wheels again, I remember multistory car parks as well, that was an arm killer!

I saw someone on here with MGB Rostyles? the offset is over an inch too far out so you may find the wheel bearings suffer, as does the steering geometry at the front. Not sure how you could correct for that.


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My two old troublemakers Empty Re: My two old troublemakers

Post  Sweeney on Sat Sep 07, 2013 6:13 pm

...That would be me! Very Happy  Hi and a warm welcome to the forum! Very Happy 

...A nice bit of trouble there as they say, but they'r worth it, 2 nice motors there you have by the look of them! Very Happy 

...Its my motor with the wheels on in question, the offset does make the track width wider and id also expect it to put extra load on the wheel bearings as you say with the offset being a fair bit wider, ive dropped the tyre size tho by quite a bit so the outside diametre of them is the same as the standard tyre size to hopefully ease a little strain off and keep the speedo & gearing near to 'as was', the standard MGB GT tyre sizes are just too big for an Allegro, wont clear the arches at all thru corners unless you like ripping wings and quarter panels off regular, id did offer some up to the car and posted the pictures on the thread 'show us yer motor' so folks can see the diffrence Very Happy 

...Ive recently tweeked the ride height and noticed the front are towing out all little more but its even both sides, top and bottom balljoints are the next job todo on it and after ive done them I shall get it on the tracker gauges and see whats what, it feels the same as it was with the standard wheels and still pulls and stops straight as it did before but ive got an eye on the whole car near on full time anyway just incase.

Welcome to the forum Stuart! Very Happy


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